Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My First share

I am very much new to share market.So i thought i will observe the price movement of few shares for sometime and gain some knowledge. One of the share Intra infotech when i started looking on it is initially some Rs. 20 /- and in 10 to 15 days it reached 32. so , i thought ok this share is moving up daily by a rupee and also the price is less, i will buy this share and bought it. But from the very next day it started falling down. Currently the price is at some 18. I sold a few days back at rs 19/-.

So frnds dont get too enthusiastic. know the company well in which u r investing,whats the trade talk( u got so many websites ) etc etc.

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Vikram said...

I thought to be on safer side its better to go for MF's. So i invested for first time in Share market via MF's. I decided to put 10k in Tata Equity Mgmt Fund. Opening NAV was Rs10/- Target was Rs14/- in 2 mnths. But after 1Yr its NAV hardly touched Rs10.50 My luck :( .

Smitesh said...

Go for intraday on tatasteel

Prashant said...

Well my first investment was LIC mutual funds. Its always a safe bet.
Mutual funds and Equity are the most common ways to invest your money. While mutual funds are an easy way to invest money, the growth associated with it is slow but assured more often than not. However, those interested in multiplying money "overnight" need to enter in the Equity market. Equity needs a little more technical knowledge though. My first equity investment was IndiaBulls Fin. Initially I had invested small amounts, like 2-4 shares per script. Well its been 6 months since I had my first shot at the share market and since then there's no turning back.
There are again 2 kinds of investments in Equity master. One is buy large amount of scripts, hold them for a short term, and sell them off. This involves a bit of risk, and requires a sound know-how of the market fluctuations and the script with which you can afford such risks. The other way is to buy fundamentally strong scripts and keep it for a long term, say 9 months to a couple of yrs. It normally yields good value for money for all the fundamentally strong scripts. There are few good blue chip companies that one can invest in like Tata Motors, M&M, Infy, TCS, RPL, Bharati etc. Even though some of these stocks may look weak on the charts at the current levels, they are never the less fundamentally very strong companies which will get good amount of profit in the long run. Dips in such blue chip companies are a good opportunity to buy them.
Thats it from me now. Happy trading !!